Benedikt Ambühl
Images, Bowls and Sculptures of wood

Images, Bowls and Sculptures of wood

Born in 1979, his artistic talent for shapes and colours appeared early on. At a young age, he already began to experiment with wood, leather, metal and other materials in his father's workshop and also enjoyed drawing and painting.

His interest in nature, the fascination for the balance between chaos and order, as well as his perception of an elemental force within all things, are incorporated into his work process.

Objects are created which lie in the tension between rough and delicate. Wood, mainly from tall fruit trees from the area around Zurich, where Benedikt grew up, is set in the centre and combined with gold leaf, copper, glass, spray paint and other materials. Through constant experimentation with the characteristics of wood and the presentation of it's beauty, bowls, pictures and sculptures from figurative to abstract are created.

Benedikt Ambühl lives and works in Mönchaltorf (Switzerland).